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Warm Up to Blue

Item# wrmuptoblue

Product Description

Warm Up to Blue has been around a few years and is still popular.It's a great choice for Primitive Style Rugs. It's soft in a medium tone with subtle movement. There are endless uses for this versatile color. It's nice in this family with Ocean Deep which is a darker Spot Dye.


Ives Color: 9-33

Warm Up To Blue Slim
A soft, warm, toned version of blue in a medium value. A nice choice for a darker sky or water, background or border.

Warm Up To Blue Fat Quarter
$16.50, 5/$75.00
Warm Up To Blue 1/2 Yard
$31.50, 3/$85.00
Warm Up To Blue Yard
$60.00, 2/$110.00