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Spring Has Sprung Classes and Hook In

Spring Has Sprung Classes and Hook In
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April 27 - 28, 2019 - Spring Has Sprung Hook In and One Day Color Planning Class - Class on May 27 , Hook In on May 28. I will return in 2019 by popular demand. We all had a great time! Class Description: Whatever style or color palette you like it is the choice and placement of color that makes a rug beautiful. Color is so powerful it is studied and used to great effect as a selling tool in advertising. Many may know the colors they like but not necessarily where to place them effectively. It is my pleasure to help others feel confident in their knowledge of effective color planning. Everyone has the ability to learn color planning with some basic knowledge and simple tools. Each student will color plan a small mat as they learn key elements to help them hook in their style and color palette in order to create beautiful rugs.

Workshop Fee: $50 Supply Fee: $38.95 plus wool

Contact: Stacey Van Dyne at Stacy@HookedForeverMaine.com

Web Site: HookedForeverMaine.com

Classes: Color Planning - Nancy Jewett

Rug Punching - Landscapes - Judith Hotchkiss

Fine Shading - Landscapes - Stacey Van Dyne

Applique - Toni Philbrick

Location: Elks Club - Bangor, ME