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Sale On Value Swatches

Sale On Value Swatches
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Since I introduced the Long Swatches that has been the resounding favorite! Here are what is left of the regular length swatches on sale till they're gone. There are limited amounts of each so don't delay. Once I'm out, that is it. There is a mix of 8 value swatches and 7 value swatches.

7 Value Swaches
The number before each color is how many I have at this moment.
Regular price: $10.50
8 Value Swatches
The number before color listed is the number I have in stock at this moment.
Regular price: $12.00
6 Value Delphinium Night/Majestic Purple Transition Swatch
There are 2 available. Creates beautiful flowers. Starts with Delphinium Night, add a bit of Majestic Purple and so on ending with just majestic Purple. Creates a lovely transition from 1 color to another.
Regular price: $9.00