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New Patterns
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Here are the newest patterns. I love designing and so often wish I could clone myself to have one of me just designing full time. The ideas come far faster than I can keep up with.

Freedom For All
A tribute to all the women before us who worked tirelessly, endured ridicule, jail time and ostracism; all to simply...vote. On August 18, 1920, a women's right to vote was secured after 100 years of struggle and dedication.. Let us remember and honor their hard work by remembering to vote ourselves. Pattern on Linen #FPB1512005 Size: 30 in. x 21.25 in.
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Henrietta - Gone West
The original Henrietta drawn in 2003 has been the honoree of a Rug Show with 13 versions of her bringing chuckles and fun to many. I hooked her in 2004 and had a ball! Do you remember the feelings that hooking various rugs have brought you, I bet many of you do. In recent travels it came to me that she would look great in Cowboy Boots. I personally am on the search for a pair of special red cowboy boots and this may be where the idea came from .She can be quite fun to hook and you can add bling and texture to her delight . She would fabulous in a Black/White check or as I color planned. This is a dramatic look!:

Henrietta - Black Cherry Parfait

Head feathers: Mix Black Cherry Parfait, Red Chocolate, Cool Cat Black, Raisinettes and narrow short cuts of your flower & leaves colors for relieving the darkness. You might want to do this on her wings, too.

Henrietta's Cowboy Boots: Fire Engine Red or Apple of My Eye

Henrietta's Vest: Lite Rainbow Dirt

Flowers: Larkspur Delight, Medium Larkspur Delight and Blazing Sumac Leaves

Leaves: Mix Rose Green Leaves, Avocado Heaven and Olive Elf

Background: use Henrietta's parchment and the Lighter Henrietta's Parchment

Border: Red Chocolate

Pattern On Linen

Size 33in. x 20in.
Blossoming Pear
This pretty design is sized as a table runner or small floor runner. The pears offer a variety of colors to use from that bright green to a soft golden and lets remember the muted deep red pear color, too. Play with your greens to add variety, too.

Suggested wool colors:

Background: Country Red

Center Inset: Calico Cat Black

Large Center Leaves: Olive Elf

Pear Blossoms: White Flower

Pear Blossom Leaves: Shadowed Pasture or Olive Elf or Rose Green Leaves

Pears: Dijon Mustard

End Border Under Pears:Calico Cat Black Small Leaves for End Sprays: Rose green Leaves

Scallop Border Inset: Susie Red

Circles on Scallops: Gold Bullion Light

Pear Stems and Spray Stem: Nuts Bout Acorns

Leaf Veins: for all - Chartreuse Dreams

Side Border Squares: Mix Pale Ale & Dijon Mustard or use a mix of your colors for each square. End Border: Calico Cat Black or use a mix of your colors in a Hit or Miss Pattern on Linen

Size: 16 in. x 48 in.
Fabulous Flamingo
How can you not admire the grace, beauty and quirkiness of a flamingo. Their colors are mouth watering and vary from pale pinkish to dark coral. They are such a striking bird. What a fun rug this will be to hook with many choices in color ways and textures. They can handle some bling, too. Some color choices for the flamingo are Coral Dreams mixed with Caribbean Estate, Flamingo Dance with Blazing Sunset or Poppy Fields with Light Poppy Fields. I suggest three quarters yard , if using 2 colors use one half yard of the dominate color and one fat quarter of the accent color.

Pattern on Linen

Size: 18 in. x 30 in.
Entwined Hearts
Hearts connected by love and your color palette create a pretty sentimental heirloom or you can go fun and funky with textures and bling and still, a beautiful heirloom. There is room to add dates and names if you choose. There are endless possibilities for this design. Sort your worms into light, medium and dark, then hook from back to front with dark behind. A nice size for a wall hanging or pillow.

pattern on linen

Size: 13 x 22
Mittened Snowman
A new snowman! He's got a wardrobe of colorful mittens he just can't decide on! Have fun with color and embellishments.

Pattern on Linen

Size:18 in. x 24 in.
Jigsaw Rabbit Stair Riser
The first of my stair risers and by request. This is a great design to explore with color. Go neural on the rabbit and mix up happy colors in the background. You'll need at least 5 colors to make it work. See Jigsaw Rabbit for a color idea.
She Had To Fly
The story behind She Had to Fly is an overview of my life from an early stage in my company and a Celebration of my 15 years of designing. When I drew my first design it came at a time when there had been a series of crises. It was a time that was both sad, stressful and joyful. I was starting my very own rug hooking design business! Fast forward a few years and another crisis forced a huge change in my life that propelled me into leaving a 30 year marriage and moving. It was another time of stress, fear and joy and the freedom to fly with my dreams for my business. The idea for this design came after that transition and has been germinating for a few years. I chose this time to draw my design in honor of my Anniversary and journey of the last 15 years. It is full of symbols that have meaning to me and I will include them in a Legend for you. This design is all about facing your fears, challenges, going after what matters to you with both hope and faith in yourself..

Symbol Legend for She Had To Fly

Bee: aerodynamically the Bee cannot fly however, the Bee does not know this and flies anyway. A Bee can carry 300x itís weight, they work hard and still take time to smell the flowers. Birdcage: birds are a symbol of freedom and the birdcage symbolizes loss of freedom. This birdcages door is open, restoring freedom. Butterflies: Symbolize resurrection, endurance, change, hope and life, associated with our soul. Cattails: gifting a bouquet of cattails is wishig that person peace and prosperity. They also symbolize victory. Cherry Blossoms: represent the fragility and beauty of life as they are are almost overwhelmingly beautiful and their life is tragically short. A reminder to treasure life. Dragonfly: symbolic of light, transformation and personal growth, joy and abundance. . Frog: symbolic of healing and cleansing, rebirth, transition and transformation. Lotus Flower: they are spiritual awakening and rebirth. Siddhartha strew lotus blossoms as he walked. Magpie: they are good luck, long lasting fortune, intellect, creative expression and happiness. Salamander: they symbolize immortality, rebirth and passion, transformation, renewal and regeneration. Snail: the spiral of the snail represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth, the progress of life spiraling out and expanding.

Pattern at a special price till Decmeber 31.

Pattern on Linen

Size: 48 in. x 32 in.
Vintage Pumpkin Love
My favorite Vintage truck is filled with my Fall favorite of Pumpkins! They're such a happy sight to see in the Fall. You can hook this in a primitive, traditional or funky style. Imagine velvet pumpkins and funky yarn for the flower centers or silk flower centers. What about a chunky yarn for the pumpkin stems...lots of possibilities.. There are so many choices in pumpkin colors such as Tangerine Tango, Blooming Pumpkin, Joyful Orange, and my newest orange Tomato Spice. For the pumpkin flowers Marigold Fields or Golden Love would be pretty.

Pattern on Linen

Size: 48 in. x 30 in.
Funky Leaves Melody
I have a love and fascination of trees and their leaves. Here I wanted to have fun creating a palette that let your imagination run wildly from fiber to fiber and embellishment to embellishment. Whatever color palette you choose, from traditional to primitive to riotous color this design will accommodate you and your creativity.

Pattern on Linen

Size: 57 in. x 30 in.
Vintage Flower Power
I love Vintage Trucks and here I have filled my version with a butterfly bush, vines, flowers and butterflies. This design is representative of my idea of a lovely outing to the nursery in a cool truck! You could hook this in a primitive or traditional style or go fun and funky with textures in the flowers.

Pattern on Linen

Size: 48 in. x 30 in.