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New Hand Dyed Wool's & Other Fibers

New Hand Dyed Wool's & Other Fibers
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The latest from my dye pot and other fibers that are great to hook with.

Fluff & Peachy Bean Hand Dyed Yarn
This beautiful yarn is hand dyed for me to my specifications by Judith Hotchkiss Design & Dye Works. If you've used one of these wool colors in your border use this wool to whip your rug and it will be a great match blending seamlessly. The beautiful colors will knit up gorgeous clothing articles, too! You could also combine the wool fabric and matching yarn to create some fun accessories! This wool will work perfectly with The Oxford Punch Needle # 14. The 2 oz. skeins will whip approximately 362 inches.

4 ply 100% wool yarn
Jungle Green
A pretty new Blue Green that will be useful in your stash for landscapes, floral leaves,dark grass, borders and so much more. It will be gorgeous with it's compliment of Blue Red 18.

Ives Color: Blue Green 6 - 6-15,6-16,6-17

Triadic Color Harmony: Blue Green 6, Red-Violet - 14, Yellow- Orange -22. ( this will be a very cheerful mix of colors)
Old Man
The dye for Old Man is a new one in the industry tooted as a true neutral gray. I think they have done a good job. I am personally not fond of gray, yet it is useful in rugs. Here is a “useful” neutral gray . Pale Old Man, a much lighter value and Dark Old Man is also available.