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May Specials

May Specials
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May Specials
In May our thoughts turn to honoring our Mothers and here in New England we look forward to landscapes brightening with exciting colors in our grass turning green, daffodils with their bright happy faces, Johnny Jump Ups that appear unexpectedly and flower gardens with buds we check daily for progress. Here are patterns that invoke those thoughts and colors in wool we look for to brighten our days.

Happy May!

May Fat Quarter Wool Specials
Here are bright colors we begin to search for in our gardens and landscape as the earth warms up and the cycle of life begins anew.

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Sunflower Dance
Don't Sunflowers make you smile and brighten your day? They do that for me! I find it intriguing how they always turn to the sun, as I would. So many choices on a small piece with this design. Try traditional yellows and golds, burgundy and wines or a dip dye. The border can be intricate or simplified to suit your taste. A companion piece to "Spring Blooming".

Pattern on Linen

Size: 13 in x 20 in
Regular price: $35.00
Spring Blooming
A pretty flower with an interesting geometric border is one of my favorite design concepts. This is a nice size for a small project and would pair nicely with Sunflower Dance.It could be a fun pillow in the upright shape we don't normally see. There are so many options for color and added texture. The border can be complex or simplified.

Pattern on Linen

Size:13 in. x 20 in.
Regular price: $35.00
Vintage Flower Power
I love Vintage Trucks and here I have filled my version with a butterfly bush, vines, flowers and butterflies. This design is representative of my idea of a lovely outing to the nursery in a cool truck! You could hook this in a primitive or traditional style or go fun and funky with textures in the flowers.

Pattern on Linen

Size: 48 in. x 30 in.
Regular price: $120.00
Grocery Shoping
A happy cardinal whistling while riding his bike home with his groceries.

This Grocery Shopping rug hooked by Bonnie Roycewicz.

Pattern on Linen #FPBD2002101

Size: 32 in. x 22 in.
Regular price: $70.00