Welcome August! I always think of August and the old saying " The Lazy Days of August". It seems like a slow transition to the Fall begins. I already notice how it is still dark early morning and I confess I want to slow down time before the Fall arrives. Our summers are just too short here!

I am making my way around the color wheel with silk velvet. New colors are being dyed each week. More values in each of the abrash are also being dyed weekly creating quite a cornucopia of beautiful color!

As usual a few Patterns and Wool 's are on sale all at a 20% DISCOUNT. There is no need for a code if you purchase from the August Specials page. It's a special that'll brighten your day! Happy Hooking Nancy

Quarterly Winners - New Program! This Quarter Winner is Glenna Cameron of Sussex New Brunswick who has won 3 Fats of her Choice. Glenna has chosen the option of a Gift Certificate to use the next time she can visit my booth. When you place an order either by phone, web site, email, at a show or my shop your name is entered to win. If you visit my shop or booth you can ask to enter to win, too with no purchase required.