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Geometrics, Orientals and Abstracts

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With a touch of pretty - Have nothing in your house you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful- William Morris

Entwined Hearts
Hearts connected by love and your color palette create a pretty sentimental heirloom or you can go fun and funky with textures and bling and still, a beautiful heirloom. There is room to add dates and names if you choose. There are endless possibilities for this design. Sort your worms into light, medium and dark, then hook from back to front with dark behind. A nice size for a wall hanging or pillow.

pattern on linen

Size: 13 x 22
Funky Leaves Melody
I have a love and fascination of trees and their leaves. Here I wanted to have fun creating a palette that let your imagination run wildly from fiber to fiber and embellishment to embellishment. Whatever color palette you choose, from traditional to primitive to riotous color this design will accommodate you and your creativity.

Pattern on Linen

Size: 57 in. x 30 in.
Funky Leaf
A fun funky leaf to hook in traditional or vibrant colors with added textures. A quick easy project, perfect for the beginner or a fast project.

Pattern on Linen Size: 8 in. x 10 in.
A wonderful pattern to use leftover worms or plan from scratch. Endless possibilities. Pattern on Linen #FPBD1212003 Size: 30in. x 40in. See Vintage II for larger size pattern.
Butterfly Sunflower
Butterflies & sunflowers dancing together on this lovely pattern. Pattern on Linen #FPBD1872009 Size: 30" x 48"
Birdie's Quilt
Birdies on a checkerboard field surrounded by giant flowers. Happiness going on here! Pattern on Linen #FPBD2006159 Size: 35in. x 23in.
Hearts In Every Corner
A geometric with the softness of hearts. It is hearts in every corner that makes the world so wonderful. Pattern on Linen #FPB2003136 Size:45in. x 27in.
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Garden Bouguet
It is the birds and bees that finally, make our gardens dance in joy to the music of nature. A lvoely garden inspired pattern. Pattern on Linen #FPBD2010217 Size: 24in. x 29in.
Glorious Pears
A lovely table mat or small rug graced by beautiful, curvacious pears, surrounded by vines and blossoms then borderd with a checkerboard. Pattern on Linen #FPBD2003115 Size:26in. x 26in
Basket of Tulips
Can there be anything more promising of future beauty awaiting us in our gardens than the tulip! Pattern on Linen #FPBD2010212 Size: 24in. x 30in.
Designed for teaching a class on Color Planning at the Spring Has Sprung class & Hook In ( see classes for details). This pattern has many possibilities for color play and added interest with textures in a small project. It would be fun and a good lesson to hook 2 or 3 in different color harmonies and group together. Would be a nice purse or pillow, too.

Pattern on Linen

Size: 10 in. x 10 in.