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Dyes and Supplies

Dyes and Supplies
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Pro Chem Dye Samplers
WashFast Acid 6 Dye Sampler This kit contains: 10 gm Sun Yellow WF119 10 gm Bright Orange WF233 10 gm Magenta WF338 10 gm Brilliant Blue WF490 10 gm Jet Black WF672 10 gm Forest Green WF725 2 oz. Ammonium Sulfate 1/2 oz. Low Foam Synthrapol Directions
A concentrated liquid wetting agent and surfactant compatible with all dye classifications. Use with PRO Dye Activator to scour fabric before dyeing. Also recommended for the final hot wash of Reactive Dyes. May also be added to the dye bath to add levelness and aid in wetting out the fiber.
Citric Acid Crystals
Citric Acid Crystals: An odorless substitute for acetic acid 56%, when working with acid dyes. Use 1 teaspoon to replace 1 teaspoon of Acetic Acid 56%. Citric Acid is 11 times stronger than vinegar.

1 TBSP will dye 1 LB. wool

8 oz. bag